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Timberman Training Mon, 20-Jul-2009

Monday, 20-Jul-2009

Today, like most Mondays over the course of this 16-week training program, is a REST day.

Thank goodness. After the toughest training week so far, my legs (and spirit) needed the break.

Mind you, my brother has been hitting this program hard from day one and I'm playing catch-up. Thing is, you can only wait so long to play catch-up until there is no catching up. I think I'm OK for now. I actually finished the long run on Saturday before him. I've been mostly chasing him lately so this is good news for me.

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Timberman Training Sun, 19-Jul-2009

Sunday, 19-Jul-2009

Training plan for Sunday was a 3-hour (!) bike ride and a 15-minute transition run. I met Mike (my brother) and Mike (a good friend) at a college in Old Westbury to ride a 4-mile loop of wicked hills. After 90 minutes, my butt was kliling me anbd I knew I was only half-way through. So I got out of the seat for a bit and hunkered down for the rest of the ride. The pain came back at about 2.5 hours in with 30 minutes to go -- and my low gear froze on me - meaning, I only had half my gears (the harder ones) to work with for the remaining 30 minutes.

What's one to do?

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Enjoy Engage Extend

I tweeted recently about one way to look at (and create) happiness that employs three pieces:

1. Enjoyment - this has to do with pleasure and doing things we enjoy (eating chicken wings, watching a movie...)

2. Engagement - this involves doing what we're good at; using our talents (singing, playing drums, making people laugh...)

3. Meaning - this is about reaching beyond ourselves and our own pleasure and fulfillment and sharing our gifts with our extended community (charity, volunteering, philanthropy...)

A personal example:

My brother and I (and a few friends) registered for the August 2009 Timberman Race in New Hampshire. It's a half-ironman race (more correctly called a 70.3 -- that's the total mileage of the race).

A race like this requires a lot of training. While I don't necessarily enjoy the training aspect of this, I do enjoy the results of training and the accompanying boost to my self-esteem from having done it. I've also engaged my training partners for the camaraderie of it.

In addition to our small journey, I've recently decided to extend myself with this not-so-small personal fitness goal and donate to a local charity, the Make-a-Wish foundation of New Hampshire.

My goal for the race is to raise $1,000. I've donated $100 myself and have two other colleagues who have already signed on to donate as well.

Will you help me help the children served by Make-a-Wish? Any amount is appreciated. Donate here.

And if you're so inclined, you can follow my training results here on my personal Blog.

Thanks for making a difference with me!

Green Living Expo (LI)

Interested in living more in concert with our environment?

Then visit the Green Living Expo Long Island on Nov. 21-22, 2009 at the Brentwood Campus of Suffolk Community College. There will be free demonstrations, samples, classes, and parking!

Visit for more information.

Fabienne Fredrickson is revealing THE SHORTCUT!

I wanted to give you a quick heads-up about a F.R.E.E. teleseminar coming up on Wednesday, July 1st that could honestly change your business and your life, for good:

"The Client Attraction Shortcut: How to Make More In The Next 12 Months Than You've Made in The Last 12 Years COMBINED."\

By now, you must have heard of Fabienne Fredrickson, the million-do11ar Client Attraction Breakthroughs Mentor.

After struggling to attract enough clients to stay in business and pay her bills each month, Fabienne created the popular Client Attraction System(R) that thousands of people are now using to quickly successfully attract more clients, make more than ever before, and have more time off to enjoy it all. It's truly amazing.

But she didn't stop there. Fabienne took it all to another level...

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