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I wanted to give you a quick heads-up about a F.R.E.E. teleseminar coming up on Wednesday, July 1st that could honestly change your business and your life, for good:

"The Client Attraction Shortcut: How to Make More In The Next 12 Months Than You've Made in The Last 12 Years COMBINED."\

By now, you must have heard of Fabienne Fredrickson, the million-do11ar Client Attraction Breakthroughs Mentor.

After struggling to attract enough clients to stay in business and pay her bills each month, Fabienne created the popular Client Attraction System(R) that thousands of people are now using to quickly successfully attract more clients, make more than ever before, and have more time off to enjoy it all. It's truly amazing.

But she didn't stop there. Fabienne took it all to another level...

Fabienne's taken her business from where yours probably is today, and created a multi-million-dollar business from it – and she's revealing the series of Client Attraction and Winning Mindset techniques and secrets you can use to do the same.


(If you're in a hurry to hear Fabienne reveal those secrets on her ONE-TIME call Wednesday, July 1st, register here:


Fabienne's discovered that it's not just the MARKETING that fills a business to full capacity. It's the MINDSET as well.


Over the years, she started to notice her own limiting thoughts, her inner critic, her self-sabotaging behaviors, and a whole slew of FEARS that kept getting in the way of making what she really wanted to make and living the life she dreamed of.


The more she worked on her mindset, the more she made. The more she implemented SYSTEMS for marketing, the more she made. Soon, Fabienne crossed the 7-figure mark, working much less than she ever worked before (by the way, she's a mom of two small children, with another one on the way, so she focuses on keeping it REALLY simple. A true inspiration.)


And now, Fabienne is a million-dollar mom-preneur, spreading the message that you really don't have to settle for a mediocre business. You really can make a LOT more than you're making now, while having a life of freedom and ease to spend time with the ones you love. She and her clients are walking examples of it.


The GOOD NEWS for us:


WEDNESDAY JULY 1st, Fabienne has agreed to reveal the EXACT steps you can take beginning today to create big breakthroughs in your business on a special ONE-TIME call:

"The Client Attraction Shortcut: How to Make More In The Next 12 Months Than You've Made in The Last 12 Years COMBINED."


Here's how to sign up:


She only does these types of calls once a year and she's known to give a LOT of information, so I know I'll be there, and I want to hear you on the line too. You just CANNOT miss this.


So, won't you join me? The call is on *Wednesday July 1st* and you can sign up and get the details here now:


I'll see you there!



Paul McGinniss, ACC RCC SBL MSHR


PS: Feel free to forward this to your friends and associates, but know that spots are LIMITED on this call, and she already has over a thousand people signed up, so be sure to reserve your spot first:


P.S. Fabienne's business-building topics are THAT good! I'd hate to see anyone miss out on this ONE-TIME event.

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Paul K. McGinniss, PCC RPCC SBL MSHR
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