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Another marathon bites the dust. This time it was the New York City Marathon and I ran it in memory of my recently deceased father, Ken.

It was an amazing running day–sunny and cool–and the race itself was unbelievable.

I beat my Vermont City Marathon time (5:09 turtle time) by 15 minutes finishing at 4:54. My last five weeks in training were marred by a nagging shin splint in my left leg and then the death of my father. I wasn’t tracking my time for most of the race; I just wanted to enjoy the run.

At about mile 20, I figured I might be able to finish in less than 5 hours so I turned up the juice. As it turns out, I got faster and faster with every 5K (3.1 mile) interval after the half-marathon point (13.1 miles). The final 3 miles of the race were my fastest. Pretty cool.

Thanks to Ted, Mary, Theo, Thad, Marty (?), Mike, Deb, Steve, Swati, Jill, and, of course, Trish for showing up and lending much needed motivation and moral support.

I even had enough strength after the race to propose to Trish! Talk about a runner’s high. And I’m not even a true runner.

If you get the chance or have your sights set on running one marathon, New York City is it!

Pictures are coming soon!

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