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Tue, 21-Jul-2009

My typical Tuesday workout is a swim/bike.

It pays to look at the weather every night because I woke up at 4:45 a.m. today only to find out it was raining out and I'm not into biking in the rain (for safety reasons). The on-line weather report I quickly checked indicated it would clear up later and I figured I'd ride with Trish late in the day.

So I drove to Bally's and did my swim workout, 8 x 100 meters (total of 1200 meters with warm-up/cool down). Unfortunately, it never stopped raining and our bike ride was missed -- but I plan on a 4-hour ride Sat to make up for that.

The lesson: always have a plan -- and be ready to adjust on the fly and be flexible if the situation calls for it.

Tomorrow, I'm in the city (Manhattan) -- as I usually am on Wednesdays -- so it's a quick run very early in the morning. More on that tomorrow.

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