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Monday, 20-Jul-2009

Today, like most Mondays over the course of this 16-week training program, is a REST day.

Thank goodness. After the toughest training week so far, my legs (and spirit) needed the break.

Mind you, my brother has been hittingĀ this program hard from day one and I'm playing catch-up. Thing is, you can only wait so long to play catch-up until there is no catching up. I think I'm OK for now. I actually finished the long run on Saturday before him. I've been mostly chasing him lately so this is good news for me.

To make the connection back to business, rest periods after intense work periods are needed, too. We need time to recuperate before we can hit it again. This is why vacations should not be accrued, they should be USED. Heck, even the brain needs to rest after thinking too much.

So if you're finding your results are diminishing in the face of continued efforts, maybe it's time to stop, regroup and refresh. Step away. Do something fun. Then come back renewed and try again. You might be surprised at the results.

Tomorrow: swim/bike (and lots of coaching clients)

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