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Sunday, 19-Jul-2009

Training plan for Sunday was a 3-hour (!) bike ride and a 15-minute transition run. I met Mike (my brother) and Mike (a good friend) at a college in Old Westbury to ride a 4-mile loop of wicked hills. After 90 minutes, my butt was kliling me anbd I knew I was only half-way through. So I got out of the seat for a bit and hunkered down for the rest of the ride. The pain came back at about 2.5 hours in with 30 minutes to go -- and my low gear froze on me - meaning, I only had half my gears (the harder ones) to work with for the remaining 30 minutes.

What's one to do?

In this case, focus on using the downhills to get most of the way up the inclines in order to retain enough energy to make it back up all the hills in higher gears.

That's how life and work is. You adjust, refocus, improvise, and work a little smarter.

I also shortened up the transition run after the long bike ride (I've NEVER been on a bike for 3 straight hours!) from 15 minutes to about half that. It felt good to run for a bit but I knew when to call it a day.

Oh yeah, and Monday, I'll get the bike fixed.

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