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As a coach, it's unusual if a client doesn't gravitate towards at least one goal that he feels he "should" have. Typically, it's eating better, losing weight, reading more ... These are the things "society" recognizes as good things to do.

There's just one problem.

You're not likely to achieve it.


Because it's not your goal -- it's society's standard.

The keys to achieving a goal are relatively simple:

  1. It needs to be WRITTEN DOWN.
  2. It needs to be SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE - you've heard that before!
  3. You need to have a STRONG EMOTIONAL connection to it.
  4. You must have COMPELLING REASONS to accomplish it, meaning, achieving the goal will BENEFIT you in REAL and DESIRED ways.
  5. There must be TANGIBLE NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES that will occur if you don't achieve it.
  6. Building in SUPPORT STRUCTURES increases your chances of success -- get an accountability partner or hire a coach.
  7. SCHEDULE it!
  8. Exercise DISCIPLINE.
  9. Focus on what IS WORKING.
  10. PERSIST.

One of my favorite expressions is, "Hell is getting to Heaven and finding out what your life could have been."

Stop wasting your life on "I should..."

Start living your "I must..."

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Paul K. McGinniss, PCC RPCC SBL MSHR
Leadership Development & Executive Coach