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Well, enough time has passed and it’s time for a few photos, as promised.


{slimbox album=|nycmarathon| title=|Here is the back of my NYC marathon running shirt, to honor my dad|}images/stories/marathon/shirt-back-small.jpg{/slimbox}

{slimbox album=|nycmarathon| title=|The race starts on the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.
It’s a mass of people, and this is what I see in front of me
for 26.2 miles: Verrazano Bridge - mile 0 to 1.5

{slimbox album=|nycmarathon| title=|Running across a bridge (they carpeted it for us)|}images/stories/marathon/pkm-023b.jpg{/slimbox}

{slimbox album=|nycmarathon| title=|This is a view from the bridge leading from Brooklyn into
Queens (the marathon goes over 5 bridges). Cool skyline view from a bridge.

{slimbox album=|nycmarathon| title=|Running and eating a tootsie roll lollipop (energy)|}images/stories/marathon/pkm-019b.jpg{/slimbox}

{slimbox album=|nycmarathon| title=|My brother Steve took this picture on First Ave in Manhattan,
mile 16

{slimbox album=|nycmarathon| title=|Crossing the finish line. 26.2 miles. 4 hours and 54 minutes|}images/stories/marathon/pkm-010b.jpg{/slimbox}

{slimbox album=|nycmarathon| title=|A fitting end to the marathon, my niece’s tribute on
the garage door at home

PKM head SOS shot

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